How to Build a Share Portfolio

How to Build a Share Portfolio

Anyone who is thinking of investing, however much or however little, will benefit from the information, advice and guidance contained in these pages. Similarly those who already have a portfolio will find it helpful to stand back and reassess whether they are making the most of their money and whether their portfolio is meeting their needs.

Many investors simply pick shares that take their fancy, or perhaps ones that have been recommenced in the financial press, without any thought for whether their selections create a suitable or balanced portfolio.

They then cling on to their purchases irrespective of whether their investment needs have changed or whether the companies they chose still meet the investment objectives.

This book explains simply the criteria for picking shares in the first place and for deciding which companies to retain and which to dump.

It is written in a clear, easy to follow style that will suit beginners and more experienced investors alike. It is packed with real case studies taken from actual stock market events and developments to illustrate the key points.

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