Understanding Company News: How to interpret stock market announcements

Understanding Company News: How to interpret stock market announcements

There’s a welter of information freely available on all the companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Some investors don’t bother to look for it; some feel their eyes glazing over before they commit it to the dustbin; others get bogged down in petty detail.

Understanding Company News tells you what to look for and where to look. It tells you when information is released and how to spot it. It tells you what kind of information is useful and how to use the facts that are put before you, sifting out the verbiage from the gold nuggets. It explains what companies are obliged to tell their shareholders and what they try to obscure.

You learn to disregard the meaningless phrases that directors pour out and to grasp instead the hidden messages, especially the warning signs.

Above all, the book is packed with real examples of announcements released by companies, each carefully explained. These are grouped to illustrate the different types of statements that every company issues.

Understanding Company News follows on naturally from my first book, Shares Made Simple. Once you understand what stock market investing is all about you are ready to give yourself the edge over uninformed investors.

However, the book is not just for private investors. It is an essential tool for those aspiring to a career in the City including stockbroking, public relations and auditing.

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